Japanese Massage

Иван Шивачев - Тай масаж

Yumeiho was created in 1978 by Masayuki Saiondji. After years of long study of various and different treatment methods he made a selection of the best of each system to create the basis of this new technique. The method consists of one hundred movements and also includes 48 exercises for daily use.

The theory of the Yumeiho is grounded on the fact, that over 95% of people have had incorrectly positioned pelvis since their birth. It means that one leg is shorter than the other. Blood circulation on the shorter side is impaired, what makes this side weaker. The longer leg takes over more of the body weight causing fatigue of that leg. The hip joint moves forward and towards the centre. As a result the leg which was previously longer now becomes shorter. The vertebral column inclines towards the shorter leg side and forms one arch entering a phase of functional scoliosis.

Silhouette moves the body weight in the other direction. The curve becomes greater because of that. Inclination of the spine in the other direction takes place and it causes a formation of a second arch above the first one. Inter-vertebral discs slip out because of improper load. Pressure exerted on a nerve causes pain and disturbs the activities of internal organs. Degeneration of the vertebral column joints proceeds and leads to degenerative changes.

Through different manipulations of the spine and pelvis YUMEIHO restores the normal state and balance and thus the wellbeing of the whole body.